Advance Care Planning Information for Patients and Families

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General Resources

  • Advance Care Planning Fact Sheet for Consumers
    Advance HealthCare Directive Fact Sheet prepared by the UCSF MERI Center and the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California
  • PREPARE for Your Care
    "PREPARE is a step-by-step program with video stories to help you: Have a voice in YOUR medical care Talk with your doctors Give your family and friends peace of mind Fill out an advance directive form to put your wishes in writing."
  • Five Wishes
    Five Wishes has changed the way we talk about advance care planning by ensuring that it is not just an end of life planning tool, but the beginning of an important family conversation. Preserving dignity in healthcare and joy in practice through meaningful conversations
  • Stanford Letter Project
    These letter templates are specifically designed to help you voice the key information needed to help you prepare for the future. Use the Stanford Letter Project tools today to write to your doctor, your friends, and your family. It is free, easy, and extremely important.
  • East Bay Conversation Project
    The East Bay Conversation Project is a community-wide coalition dedicated to promoting understanding and engagement in "The Conversation" about advance care planning to ensure individuals' health care treatment preferences are known, documented, and honored. The project provides resources to engage in advance care planning and is continually interested in recruiting organizations and individuals to champion the effort.
  • Notary Services
    Notary services in and around the UCSF San Francisco Campuses
  • Advance Care Planning Resources (CCCC)
    Advance care Planning Resources from the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California
  • California POLST website
    Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) is a form that gives seriously-ill patients more control over their end-of-life care, including medical treatment, extraordinary measures (such as a ventilator or feeding tube) and CPR. Printed on bright pink paper, and signed by both a patient and physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, POLST can prevent unwanted or ineffective treatments, reduce patient and family suffering, and ensure that a patient's wishes are honored.
  • UCSF Willed Body Program
    The Willed Body Program is one of many UCSF programs that is committed to excellence in research and education. The program accepts human body donations for anatomical studies essential to teaching and research at UCSF and its associates.

Advance Care Planning Aids

  • Go Wish Cards
    Go Wish gives you an easy, even entertaining way to talk about what is most important to you. The cards help you find words to talk about what is important if you were to be living a life that may be shortened by serious illness. Playing the game with your relatives or best friends can help you learn how you can best comfort your loved ones when they need you most
  • Heart to Heart Cards
    Heart to Heart cards ais a bilingual Chinese/English activity designed to to make it easier for a family member, a caregiver, or a health provider to understand what a loved one wants done when life is ending.
  • What Matters Most Slide Deck
    Slide deck in PDF format from the What Matters Most? Online Advance Directive Workshop
  • What Matters Most? Handout
    Handout from the What Matters Most? workshop

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