The MERI Center for Education in Palliative Care at UCSF/Mt Zion

The MERI Center is founded in the belief that, in a life of both blessings and struggles, a central opportunity for us all is to find meaning and our proper place in the Universe. Within our families and society, a core responsibility is to be of service to each other, helping those we love to face living with consciousness and comfort, and dying with peace. 
Building on the traditional strengths of cultures around the world and on the modern medical expertise of UCSF, the MERI Center is committed to making good care for people facing serious illness routine. Although we all wish to live lives as long and as happy as possible, inevitably, a healthy society includes normalizing and humanizing the inevitable processes of dying in our community.
To build a healing community, the MERI Center works to support patients facing serious illness, to train family and volunteer caregivers, to promote the competence and openness of professional health care teams, and to bring an openness to how our community sees death via the core domains of adult education imparting knowledge, developing skills, and fostering healthy attitudes.

Special Event :

Ovarian Cancer Awareness: Survivors Sharing Stories


Risk Factors  –  Warning Signs and Symptoms  –  Early Diagnostics

Ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all the gynecologic cancers and notoriously hard to detect. Learn from the lucky ones, a group of ovarian cancer survivors who want to raise awareness about this little-understood and often misdiagnosed disease. 


Don't be caught unaware

Hear the stories of our diagnoses. Pick up important information to share with your colleagues, family members, and friends.


Invitation to UCSF staff | RSVP to reserve a seat: [email protected] | Open to all

Tuesday, February 25th
11:30 – 12:30 PM
UCSF Mission Bay
RC Gateway Medical Building
First Floor, Room M1230

(next to the new gift shop)

Followed by light refreshments in the new Patient & Family Cancer Support Center (PFCSC).

Panelists are part of the OCRA Survivors Teaching StudentsTM program. We share our stories regularly with medical, nursing, and physician assistant students at UCSF, around the Bay Area, and at over 300 schools across the country. Visit We also seek to raise awareness among women and transgender men in our communities. Local contact: Julia Young, [email protected], 415-367-5980 or via the UCSF PFCSC.

Download flyer here.




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