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Struggling to be Resilient

Just over a week into working from home due to the coronavirus, 4th day of the kids staying home from school, and I did not leave the house once yesterday.  Yesterday night was difficult as we mourn not only the loss of our spring break vacation plans but the loss of the back-up plan to cohabitate with our best friends in another state.  The internal struggle to stay hopeful while things seem to change daily.  The external struggle of getting the seniors in my life to stay home and keeping the kids sane.  I broke down in the shower this morning letting the stream of water wash away my tears of frustration, fear, & despair.   And this is only the beginning.  Now more than ever, we need to rely on and strengthen our resilience.  The MERI Center will continue to tweet out resilience tips and post poems and self-care links in our blog.  

Here's some recent tweets/retweets & Blog posts that I hope you'll find inspiring and brighten your day: